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Prof. James N. Demas from University of Virginia Visits TIPC
Update time: 2013-10-22
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Prof. James N. Demas from University of Virginia took an academic visiting to the Technical Institute of Physics and Chemistry (TIPC) on October 18th and gave an academic report entitled Design and Applications of Luminescent Transition Metal Complexes.

Inorganic complexes are now widely used as molecular probes and luminescence-based sensors. The majority of work uses Ru(II), Re(I), and Os(II) complexes with ?-diimine ligands (e.g., 2,2’-bipyridine, 1,10-phenanthroline, and analogues). In the report, Prof. James N. Demas introduced the rationale for this wide usage plus applications in oxygen and pH sensing, pressure sensitive paints in wind tunnels, and factors affecting photostability. While the design of luminescent complexes is relatively well understood, an understanding of the interactions of sensor molecules and substrates or supports is still very much in its infancy. Also factors affecting photostability are poorly understood. The rational design of practical systems requires an intimate understanding of the interactions between the probe or sensor molecule and the polymer-based support or the target. Prof. James N. Demas also introduced the advances in understanding the interactions of metal complexes and supports using fluorescence microscopy and the new results using room temperature ionic liquids.

Dr. James N. Demas is a professor of Chemistry in the University of Virginia. He actively combines his research (over 200 research publications, two monographs, and five US pat?ents on luminescence) and education. 1) He has numerous J. Chem. Ed. Publications. 2) He organized and, for 16 summers, ran a highly successful Research Experience for Undergraduates program in the Department. 3) He has several undergraduates working in his lab year round. About a third of his research publications are with undergraduate co-authors and about half of these have the undergraduate as first author. 4) He teaches an undergraduate seminar "Luminescence for Fun and Profit" in the college and gives a talk "Science Fact in Science Fiction Films" at the University and other institutes. He has a third degree black belt in Taikwondo, a respectable skier, and a biker. He is an avid photographer and has sold some of his photos. He has written movie reviews and his web page has over 2000 reviews.

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