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Prof. Shouheng Sun from Brown University visits TIPC
Update time: 2014-07-08
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Invited by Key Laboratory of Photochemical Conversion and Optoelectronic Materials, Technical Institute of Physics and Chemistry (TIPC), Chinese Academy of Sciences, Prof. Shouheng Sun from Brown University visited TIPC on July. 8 and gave an academic report entitled How to precisely synthesize nanoparticle catalysts.
Recent advance in nano-fabrication has made it possible to design and synthesize nanoparticles with nearly precise controls on nanoparticle sizes, shapes, compositions and structures for catalytic applications. In the report, Prof. Shouheng Sun summarized the common methods used to synthesize monodisperse nanoparticles. Prof. Shouheng Sun used Au- and Pt-based nanoparticles as examples to demonstrate the rational tuning and enhancement of nanoparticle catalysis for selective CO2 reduction and oxygen reduction reactions. 
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