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Prof. Jianping Xie from National University of Singapore Visits TIPC
Update time: 2014-07-15
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Invited by Key Laboratory of Photochemical Conversion and Optoelectronic Materials, Technical Institute of Physics and Chemistry (TIPC), Chinese Academy of Sciences, Prof. Jianping Xie from National University of Singapore visited TIPC on July. 14 and gave an academic report entitled Engineering Ultrasmall Metal Nanoclusters for Biomedical and Environmental Applications. 

In very recent years, ultrasmall metal nanoclusters with core sizes below 2 nm have emerged as a new class of functional nanoparticles due to their discrete and size dependent electronic structures and molecular-like properties, such as HOMO-LUMO transitions in optical absorptions, quantized charging, and strong luminescence. Synthesis of high quality metal nanoclusters in sufficiently large quantities is necessary for establishing reliable size-property relationships and exploring potential applications. 

In the report, Prof. Jianping Xie summarized his group’s recent progress in the development of novel synthetic strategies for the production of monodisperse metal nanoclusters. The preparation of monodisperse metal nanoclusters is viewed as engineerable process where both the precursors (input) and their conversion chemistry (processing) may be rationally designed to achieve the desired outcome – monodisperse metal nanoclusters (output). He demonstrated several efficient strategies for tailoring the precursor and the conversion process, and presented their understanding of the processes involved. He also highlighted some application developments of metal nanoclusters in important sustainability topics including sensors for the environment and human health, and other biomedical applications.
Dr. Jianping Xie received his B.S. and M.S. in Chemical Engineering from Tsinghua University. He graduated with Ph.D. from the Singapore-MIT Alliance program. He joined National University of Singapore as an Assistant Professor in 2010 and established the “Noble Metal Nanoclusters” research group. His major research interest is “engineering subnanometer metal nanoclusters for biomedical and catalytic applications”. His group has extensive research experience on the design, synthesis, and applications of atomically precise gold and silver nanoclusters. 

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