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Prof. Christopher Bielawski from Ulsan National Institute of Science & Technology Visits TIPC
Update time: 2015-09-06
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Invited by National Engineering Research Center Of Engineering Plastics, Prof. Christopher Bielawski from Ulsan National Institute of Science & Technology visited TIPC on Aug. 27 and gave an academic report entitled Photoswitchable Catalysis.

The report described recent efforts on using light to control various chemical reactions. In particular, the design and development of specially designed catalysts that contain photoactive ligands was be discussed. These efforts have included extensive spectroscopic analyses and control experiments to probe the underlying mechanisms that govern light switchable processes. The report also concluded with some perspectives on using light to control small molecule and macromolecular chemistry. These work were supported by the Office of Naval Research and the Institute for Basic Science (IBS-R019-D1).

Materials science is a multidisciplinary research field with many different kinds of scientists and engineers active in it. The literature landscape is consequently populated by a range of journals which greatly differ in purpose, scope, quality, and readership. After an introduction on Wiley's publishing activities and Asia's changing global role in materials science, the lecture focused on successful publishing in this complex environment. What can prospective authors do to optimize their chances of success? Key aspects are: structuring one's research work well, understanding the decision processes in editorial offices, choosing an appropriate journal, assembling a convincing manuscript, knowing what to put in the cover letter, and which things to avoid. In addition, the talk coverd publishing ethics, best practice for authors and reviewers, the reasoning behind peer review, and editorial workflows.

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