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Professor TONG Zhenhe (Tung Chen-Ho)
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Tong Zhenhe(Tung Chen-Ho),  Member of the Chinese Academy of Sciences(CAS), is chiefly engaged in the research on organic photochemistry, particularly on microenvironment effects on photochemical reactions, hydrophobic-lipophilic effects on photochemical and photophysical processes, and photoinduced electron transfer and energy transfer. By using microporous solids as the reactors, he successfully synthesized large-ring compounds in high yields even at high substrate concentrations. He could direct the photosensitized oxidation of alkenes selectively toward either the singlet oxygen mediated or the superoxide anion mediated products by controlling the status and location of the substrate and sensitizer molecules in the reaction media. He was the Director of the Institute of Photographic Chemistry of CAS and is the Board Member of <J.Phtochem. and Photobiol.>, < J. Phtochem.>, < J.Photoscience>,IUPAC Fellow,and Director of the S & T Committee of the Technical Institute of Physics and Chemistry, CAS.



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