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Professor HONG Chaosheng
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Hong Chaosheng, male, Member of Chinese Academy of Sciences, is known for his research in cryo-physics and cryogenics. Hong found an exception of conductance and the Hall Effect, which occurred in a semiconductor Ge mono-crystal with a current flowing under low temperature. Based on the exception, he proposed the new concept that impurities available in the forbidden band of semiconductors contribute to electrical conductivity, which began the studies on mechanism of electronic transport in disordered system. He established the Cryogenic Lab of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and constructed the Liquefaction System of Hydrogen and Helium. He is making efforts to promote cryogenic engineering and applied superconductivity research, instruction and scientific communication between China and the world. Hong was in succession deputy director and the director of office in the Institute of Physics, the director of cryogenic laboratory, professor in Physics at Tsinghua university, Peking university and the university of science and technology, the vice president of Physical society and Chinese Association of Refrigeration, the vice president of International Cryogenic Engineering Committee, etc. He won the award in Chinese Science Conference and Hu Gangfu Physics Award. Also, he won the Mendelson Award in 2000 for his distinguished service in the development of cryogenic engineering in China and the world. Now Hong is the honorary director of technology commission in Technical Institute of Physics and Chemistry of CAS.

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