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Professor ZHOU Yuan
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Zhou Yuan, Member of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, expert in Cryogenic Engineering and refrigeration, now serves as a research professor at the CAS Technical Institute of Physics & Chemistry. In 1938, he was born in Jintan City, Jiangsu Province and graduated from the Department of Heat Energy Engineering at Tsinghua University in 1961. His life-long career has been concentrated on Cryogenic Engineering and the development of mini- or small-sized refrigerators. Also, his research covers the acquirement or applied research of low or extremely low temperatures. He designed, developed successfully the first helium-piston expander machine with room temperature sealing in replacement of liquid hydrogen in 1964 and realized industrial applications in the first large-scale cryogenic equipments for space environmental simulation and in the radiation refrigerators for earth and telecommunication satellites as well as in superconduction application. In addition, he took the lead in organization and establishment of pulse tube group at cryogenic laboratory of CAS in 1986. He was the first one who proposed and tested a two-stage pulse tube refrigerator in the international community and revealing the outstanding properties of double-inlet model. In 1992 he invented and patented the multi-by pass model and achieved 23.8K in 1995. The multi-by pass circuit developed by him enables co-axial structure and asymmetric deployment of nozzles to be employed miniature high frequency pulse tube refrigerators.
So far, Prof. Zhou has contributed a total of 246 research papers and authored one monograph. In recognition of his meritorious achievments in cryogenics, he was honored by a fourth-class prize from the National Awards for Natural Sciences,a second-class and a third-class prize from the National Awards for Inventions, a first-class prize from Ministerial Awards for S&T progress conferred by the Ministry of Education, two second-class prize from the CAS Awards for S&T Progress, a second-class prize from the CAS Awards for Inventions, a first-session Hu Gangfu’s Award in experimental physics and seven patented licenses.

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