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Professor Xu Zuyan
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Xu Zuyan, Academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, is engaged in research on tunable lasers, all-solid-state lasers and nonlinear optical processes. He has discovered the general retracing behavior of phase matching in nonlinear optical crystals. His group has developed a multi- wavelength optical parametric oscillator, the compound cavity tuning technique for optical parametric oscillators, and high power ns, ps and fs optical parametric systems with wide tuning. In collaboration with others, he has investigated the deep ultra-violet£¡¡ìDUV£© laser harmonic generation and hold several patents. They have successfully demonstrated the six- harmonic generation of the 1.06m and a DUV widely tunable laser. His group has also developed high power all-solid-state red, green and blue lasers and large screen size laser color display system. He awarded 10 prizes, including a 2nd class National Invention Prize, a 2nd class National Prize for Science and Technology Progress, and a 1st class Prize of Chinese Academy of Sciences for Science and Technology Progress. He also won the Ho Leung Ho Lee Foundation Prize for Sciences and Technology progress, and the Qiu Shi Science and Technology foundation group award for Distinguished Academic Achievement. At present, he is an Advisor of the State Key Program for Basic Research, Advisor of the National High Technology R&D Program, and Member of the National Major Program Selection Board.

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