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Beijing Center for Crystal Research and Development
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Founded in 1999 by Chinese Academy of Sciences, Beijing Center for Crystal R & D is a leading institution in the research of opto-electronic materials and their device applications. The members of the center consist of the major inventors and developers of the industrial widely applied nonlinear optical(NLO) crystals:BaB2O4 (BBO) and LiB3O5 (LBO), as well as important new materials of CsB3O5 (CBO) and KBe2BO3F2 (KBBF). The most recent achievements of the center include: development of many new NLO crystals, generation of deep ultraviolet (< 200nm, up to 300mW) laser radiation and its application in high resolution photoelectron spectroscopy, large area (140 inch) laser display and high power (355nm, 17.7W) third harmonic generation of Nd:YAG laser.

Deputy Director: Prof. Wu Yicheng     
Honorable director: Prof. Chen Chuangtian
Groups and Group Leaders:
I. Theoretical Calculation and Molecular Design   Prof. C.T. Chen
II. New Materials Through Material Design         Prof. R.K. Li
III. Material Preparation and Crystal Growth      Prof. Y.C. Wu
IV. Crystal Growth for Deep UV Applications      Wang Xiaoyang
V. Industrial Crystal Growth         Prof. Z.G. Hu
VI. Crystal Characterization         Prof. Y. Zhu
VII. Crystal Processing          Huang Binrong
Research staff

Staff Members
Prof. Chen Chuangtian  cct@cl.cryo.ac.cn
Fellow of third world academy of sciences and Fellow of Chinese Academy of Sciences
Prof. Wu Yicheng     ycwu@cl.cryo.ac.cn        Member of Chinese Academy of Engineering
Prof. Li Rukang       rkli@cl.cryo.ac.cn         Holder of The Hundred Talents Program of CAS, 2001
Prof. Hu Zhanggui     zghu@cl.cryo.ac.cn        Holder of The Hundred Talents Program of CAS, 2004
Prof. Fu Peizhen       pzfu@cl.cryo.ac.cn
Wang Xiaoyang       xywang@cl.cryo.ac.cn                   Associated Professor
Liu Youchen         LIUYOUCHEN2004@Yahoo.com.cn         Associated Professor
Huang Binrong       bccrd@cl.cryo.ac.cn                        Associated Professor
Yan Xiaozheng        yanxzh@cl.cryo.ac.cn                   Associated Professor
Dr. Zhang Guochun   gczhang@mail.ipc.ac.cn                  Associated Professor

Contact Information of the Principal

Addr.: Zhong Guan Cun Bei Yi Tiao 2, Haidian, Beijing 100080
Tel: 010-82543706      Fax: 010-82621890
E-mail: cct@cl.cryo.ac.cn

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