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Laboratory of Controlled Preparation and Application of Nanomaterial
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Nanomaterial, the headspring of novel materials in 21th century, will lead the industry revolution in many fields. At present, there are so many commercial nanomaterials on sale. However, these materials are far from our needs whatever on quality or quantity. Facing the future challenges, based on the application needs, innovation design, pilotscale experiment key technique and the ability to design and prepare nanostructures with controlled sizes, shapes and structures, our research group focuses on the basis theory and applications of molecular electronics, nano- and micro- ordered thin film, and bionics thin film; on the research of the novel apparatus such as photoelectronic device and biosensor; and on the applications of nanomaterial system in controlled drug release. Besides this, we comprehensively cooperate with domestic and overseas scientific research organizations, colleges and universities to upgrade products and explore nanotechnology applications. We are dedicated to providing various nanomaterials with top quality and low cost.
        Laboratory of Controlled Preparation and Application of Nanomaterial, Technical Institute of Physics and Chemistry of the Chinese Academy of Sciences(CAS) was established in January 2001. The Lab now has a faculty of 8 members, among which there are 2 professors, 3 associate professors , 3 research assistants and 10~15 students(Ph.D students, master students,master students of cooperation projects ). The lab area is more than 300m2, and there is a 100m2 pilotscale experiment workshop, in addition, we have some lab equipments including 3000HSA-Malvern zetasizer, Jasco UV-Vis-NIR spectrophotometer, electro- chemistry analyzer, high-speed refrigeration centrifuge, ultrafiltration membrane separation unit, pilotscale multifunctional reactor and so on. Since the lab was established, own to the great efforts of the whole team, more than 80 papers were published in domestic and international journals and 45 invention patents were proposed (18 of them have been authorized ). At present, under the support of the National Natural Science Foundation of China, 863 Program of Hi-Tech Research and Development Program of China, Creative Key Project of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and National Center for nanoscience and Technology of China, our lab now processes pilotscale and large-scale production. We hope we can explore the development and applications of the nanotechnology in social life and bring good to people.

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