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Cryogenic Material and Applied Superconductivity Group
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Cryogenic material and applied superconductivity group engages in the researches and developments of the new structural and functional cryogenic materials and superconductivity’s application in the electric power industry. Our group focuses on the basic researches of the cryogenic materials and technologies in aviation or aerospace industry and superconductive application. Our group dedicates to advance the transfers of scientific achievements and makes contributions on energy transfer materials, environment materials, biomedical materials and refrigeration.
The most important and foresighted research directions: cryogenic environment materials, biomedical materials. Content: solid refrigerating materials, nano magnetic composite material, polymeric materials, nano magneto-resistance sensors. Applied directions: 1) high-temperature superconductor. Content: high-temperature superconductive current limiter, cable, power storage, magnet, surface modification of polyimide film using non-thermal and high tension, epoxy resins insulating materials, designing and developments of refrigeration system. 2) Cryogenic structural material. Content: ceramic material, hydrogen storage alloy, titanium alloy, magnesium alloy, cryogenic mechanical properties of stainless steel, thermal properties, modification of refrigerating treatment. 3) Liquid cryogenic separation. Content: gas separation, Application of Magnetic Separating Technology in Polluted Water Treatment. Our group takes and participates in National High-Tech Research and Development Program of China (863 Program) (5 programs), National Nature Science Foundation of China (1 program), National Science Fund for Distinguished Young Scholars of GUCAS (4 programs), Beijing Committee significant program (2 programs) and several other commission. The group receives in an average annual fund of more than one million. There are 5 fixed personnel, of which 1 is academicians of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, 4 are researchers, and 1 belongs to technician. There are also 12 transient personnel, of which 8 are graduate students. The group leader is Li Laifeng.
In recent years, our group has published more than 80 theses in professional magazines like Adv. Materials, Macro. Rapid Communications, J. Appl. Phys, Chem. Phys. Lett, Polymer, J. Am. Ceram. Soc., J. Mater. Res., Cryogenics. More than 50 papers embodied in SCI, EI. In 2004, our group worked together with Li Yiyi who is an academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences from the Institute of Metal Research to make the specially invited report in ICEC-20 (International Cryogenic Engineering Conference). Applied for more than 20 patents and 6 is on commissions.
Our group has the testing equipments of low temperature specific heat, thermal conductance, electric conductance, magnetic susceptibility, Hall Effect and so on. There are also measurements and test aircraft of mechanical properties in low temperature, plasma ion assisted deposition equipment, mechanical-alloyed ball mill, heat-treatment furnace, superconducting magnet and conventional magnet, G-M refrigerating machine.

Fixed personnel:
Li Laifeng Ph. D  Researcher leader Condensed Matter (1996 Institute of Physics Doctor of Science)  lfli@mail.ipc.ac.cn
Hong Chaosheng Ph. D  Researcher Academicians of the Chinese Academy of Sciences Physics (1948 Massachusetts Institute Doctor of Science)  lfli@mail.ipc.ac.cn
Gong Linghui Bachelor Researcher Cryogenic Engineering (1983 Xi’an Jiao Tong University technology Bachelor ) lhgong@cl.cryo.ac.cn
Dai Wen Postgraduate researcher Cryogenic Engineering (1983 Beijing University Doctor of Science)
Xu Xiangdong Postgraduate associate researcher Engineering Thermophysics (1990 University of Science and Technology of China)  xdxu@cl.cryo.ac.cn

Transient personnel:
Li Gang Bachelor senior experimenter Cryogenic Engineering (1978 Xi’an Jiao Tong University) gli@cl.cryo.ac.cn
Song Chunmei Bachelor Associate Professor Physics (1989 Gui Zhou Normal University)
Wang Hong Bachelor Associate Professor Physics (1989 Gui Zhou Normal University)
Shi Zhaoxiang mechanic
Wu Yunlong 2000 Ph. D Condensed Matter ylwu@cl.cryo.ac.cn
Liu Huajun 2001 Ph. D Condensed Matter hjliu@cl.cryo.ac.cn
Fang Zhichun 2001 Ph. D Condensed Matter zcfang@cl.cryo.ac.cn
Jiao Xiaodong 2003 Ph. D Condensed Matter xdjiao@cl.cryo.ac.cn
Huang Ronjin 2004 Ph. D Condensed Matter huangrj04@mails.gucas.ac.cn
Zhang Hao 2005 Ph. D Condensed Matter
Wang Sontao 2005 Ph. D Condensed Matter
Xia Jianying 2005 Postgraduate
Xu Wen 2006 Postgraduate
Cai Fangshuo 2006 Postgraduate
Wu Heng 2006 Postgraduate

Contact Information of the Principal
Add: Technical Institute of Physics and Chemistry of CAS, Zhong guan cun, Beijing 100080 China
Tel: 010-82543699
Fax: 010-62629604
Papers and publications

[1] Zhang, Yi-He ; Lu, Sheng-Guo; Li, Yuan-Qing; Dang, Zhi-Min; Xin, John H.; Fu, Shao-Yun; Li, Guang-Tao; Guo, Rui-Rong; Li, Lai-Feng, “Novel silica tube/polyimide composite films with variable low dielectric constant”, Advanced Materials, v 17, n 8, Apr 18, 2005, p 1056-1059.
[2] Zhang, Yi-He, Li, Yan; Fu, Shao-Yun; Xin, John H.; Daoud, Walid A.; Li, Lai-Feng, “Synthesis and cryogenic properties of polyimide-silica hybrid films by sol-gel process”, Polymer, v 46, n 19 SPEC. ISS., Sep 8, 2005, p 8373-8378
[3] Zhang, Yi-He, Dang, Zhi-Min; Xin, John H.; Daoud, Walid A.; Ji, Jun-Hui; Liu, Yuyang; Fei, Bin; Li, Yuanqing; Wu, Juntao; Yang, Shiyong; Li, Lai-Feng, “Dielectric properties of polyimide-mica hybrid films”, Macromolecular Rapid Communications, v 26, n 18, Sep 23, 2005, p 1473-1477
[4] Zhang, Yi-He; Dang, Zhi-Min; Fu, Shao-Yun; Xin, John H.; Deng, Jian-Guo; Wu, Juntao;
 Yang, Shiyong; Li, Lai-Feng; Yan, Qing, “Dielectric and dynamic mechanical properties of polyimide-clay nanocomposite films”, Chemical Physics Letters, v 401, n 4-6, Jan 11, 2005, p 553-557
[5] Zhang, Yi-He ; Fu, Shao-Yun; Li, Robert K.-Y.; Wu, Jun-Tao; Li, Lai-Feng; Ji, Jun-Hui; Yang, Shi-Yong, “Investigation of polyimide-mica hybrid films for cryogenic applications”, Composites Science and Technology, v 65, n 11-12, September, 2005, p 1743-1748.
[6] Fan, Y.F.; Gong, L.H.; Xu, X.D.; Li, L.F.; Zhang, L.; Xiao, L.Y., “Cryogenic system with the sub-cooled liquid nitrogen for cooling HTS power cable”, Cryogenics, v 45, n 4, April, 2005, p 272-276
[7] Z.M. Sun H. Hashimoto, N. Keawprak, A.B. Ma ,L.F. Li, M.W. Barsoum , “Effect of rotary-die equal channel angular pressing on the thermoelectric properties of a (Bi,Sb)2Te3 alloy”, Journal of Materials Research,  Vol 20,2005, pp. 895-903
[8] Huang, C.J. ; Fu, S.Y.; Zhang, Y.H.; Lauke, B.; Li, L.F.; Ye, L, “Cryogenic properties of SiO2/epoxy nanocomposites”, Cryogenics, v 45, n 6, June, 2005, p 450-454
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[11] Li, L.F.; Zhang, Y.T., Li, Y.Y., “Development of cryogenic structural materials, , ICEC20, Plenary talk, 2004
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Advanced Techniques, China Machine Press, 1/2003 ISBN 7-111-03989-0 (collaborated)
New type of cryogenic engineering, Shanghai Jiao Tong Unviversity publication, 1/2004 ISBN 7-313-03274-9 (collaborated)
Refrigeration and Cryogenic, China Electric Power publication, 11/2003 ISBN 7-5083-1336-4 (collaborated)
In the way to absolute zero, Dai Wen, juvenile and children publication, 1/2003 ISBN 7-5324-5331-6

Main patents (pending and applied for)

[1]Reversible interval compact heat exchanger(ZL03245208.X ), Gong Linghui, Lu Wenhai, Li laifeng
[2] Plane rotary air valve in low temperature (ZL03243006.X), Gong Linghui, Lu Wenhai, Zhang Liang, Li laifeng
[3]Air condition of metal hydroxide (200420047871.0), Li Gang, Li Laifeng
[4]Heat exchanger for air condition of metal hydroxide (200420047872. 5), Li Laifeng, Li Gang
[5] Adiabatic expansion refrigerator (03242892.8), Gong Linghui etc.
[6] Adiabatic expansion refrigerator in type of heat exchanger (03121421.5), Gong Linghui etc.
[7]Use of zirconium dioxide ceramics(03160054.9, Li Laifeng etc.

1)4.2K G-M refrigerator. 5 with magnet has been sold
2) single-stage refrigerator, using for high temperature superconductive restrictor. Work with institute of electrical engineering to advance the transfers of achievements
3) Giant Magneto Resistive electricity sensor, waiting for transfer

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