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Professor XU Zhiping from Tsinghua University visited the TIPC
Update time: 2018-11-07
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Invited by the CAS Key Laboratory of Bio-inspired Materials and Interfacial Science and the TIPC Youth Forum, Prof. XU Zhiping from Tsinghua University delivered a seminar entitled Nanoscale Selective Fluidic Transport at TIPC on October 31, 2018.  

Professor XU Zhiping is mainly engaged in the research of Selective and fast transport of liquid, vapor and ions through graphene-derived functional membranes has gained much interest recently due to its promising potentials in filtration and separation applications, offering remarkable selectivity without sacrificing the permeability. However, the multi-scale nature of the nanochannels embedded in these membranes leaves the mechanism of selective mass transport as an open question. In the talk, Prof. XU presented their recent efforts made to understand this process, with focus on (1) molecular structures under nanoconfinement, (2) permeation through single nanochannels, (3) renormalized selectivity in nanochannels, and (4) membrane design from single nanochannels. These insights will be turned into a unified picture to understand available experimental data and for predictive model based material design. Finally, he enthusiastically discussed with faculties and students of TIPC. 


Prof. XU was gaving a report. 

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