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Prof. FAN Chunhai from Shanghai Jiao Tong University Visited TIPC
Update time: 2018-11-27
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Invited by the CAS Key Laboratory of Bio-inspired Materials and Interfacial Science, Prof. FAN Chunhai from Shanghai Jiao Tong University delivered a seminar entitled “Frame nucleic acid biological analysis” at TIPC on November 26th, 2018.  

Prof. FAN Chunhai’s research interests include nucleic acid analysis chemistry, electroanalytical chemistry, and bioimaging. Prof. FAN Chunhai focused on the precise structure control of DNA assemblies, such as DNA origami, and introduced the advantages of these assemblies in dispersion and structural accuracy, as well as their applications in nanoprobes, controllable biological interfaces, in vivo nucleic acid analysis, biosensors and so on. At the same time, the experiment and theoretical simulation of DNA assembly in the cross-biological interface process are discussed. Finally, he enthusiastically discussed with faculties and students of TIPC.
Prof. Fan was gaving a report.
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