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From the Director


The Technical Institute of Physics and Chemistry, Chinese Academy of Sciences (TIPC-CAS) was founded at the turn of the century amid a wave of innovation. Over the past two decades, as required by CAS, we have focused on high-tech innovation and technology transfer. In view of the country’s national strategies and the frontiers of science and technology, we have made constant efforts to define our goals for scientific research and put together and improve our team of innovators. TIPC was founded by integrating several research institutions. Based on their existing achievements, we have made remarkable progress in many fields and won many state-level awards. We have also facilitated the commercialization of dozens of research findings of major application-oriented research projects, which has delivered both economic and social benefits, thus contributing to the economic and social development of the country.  


TIPC is one of the first institutions under CAS that launched the program of Innovation 2020 in 2011, and one of the first feature institutions of CAS in 2015 to serve the manufacturing sector. In the next five to ten years, as an important member of the national innovation team of CAS, TIPC will uphold the innovation-driven development strategy and our motto, “Self-Improvement, Practicality, Harmony, Innovation”, to pursue our development targets, which can be summarized as “1+2+3”. “1” refers to one complete system for innovation in the field of functional crystals and laser technologies in relation to system integration, laser devices and key materials, which shall enable us to take a leading position in relevant areas. “2” refers to the development of two teams. One team will work in the field of cryogenic engineering and technologies, including R&D, integrated manufacturing and engineering, which will provide strategic support to implementation of national strategies in relevant areas. The other team will work on R&D and industrial applications in the field of photochemical and photofunctional materials and technologies, including preparation of key materials, manufacturing of core equipment and technologies for development of the industries, which will provide constant technological support to facilitate the development of emerging industries of strategic significance in China. “3” means improving innovation capacity in three aspects, i.e., primary innovation, breakthrough in core technologies in key fields and strategic positioning. This will enable us to facilitate further economic and social development in China and safeguard national security. We will also remove major technological bottlenecks in key fields impeding the implementation of national strategies, and adjust our technological innovation according to the new needs of the economy and the society to facilitate the transformation of industrial structure and development model. We aim to make TIPC a source of technological innovations and a technology supplier which plays a leading or stimulating role in China’s leapfrog development in areas of strategic significance. We will make greater contributions to the country in speeding up the transformation of growth model and building a moderately prosperous society in all aspects.   


We look forward to exchanging and cooperating with research institutions, universities, industry associations and enterprises from China and the rest of the world for common development. We invite researchers and students from around the world to join us for a better future of TIPC.