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Int'l Cooperation News

Prof. CHEN Xiaodong from Nanyang Technological University Visited TIPC

Update time:2018-11-20

Invited by the CAS Key Laboratory of Bio-inspired Materials and Interfacial Science and the TIPC Youth Forum, Prof. CHEN Xiaodong from Nanyang Technological University delivered a seminar entitled “Cyber-Physiochemical Interfaces” at TIPC on November 19th, 2018.  

    Prof. CHEN Xiaodong thesis focused on interactive materials and devices, integrated nano-bio interface and cyber-human interfaces. Prof. CHEN Xiaodong presented his recent research on the design and application of flexible electronic devices. He introduced  the design ideas and principles of flexible devices, and shared how to solve many interface science problems encountered in them. Finally, he enthusiastically discussed with faculties and students of TIPC. 


Prof. CHEN Xiaodong was gaving a report.