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Int'l Cooperation News

Dr. Chinomso M.Ewulonu from Nnamdi Azikiwe University Gave Academic Report

Update time:2019-09-30

CAS-PIFI certified postdoctoral researcher Dr. Chinomso M. Ewulonu gave an academic report entitled “Development and functional modifications of lignin containing cellulose nanomaterial as future cellulose nanomaterial with numerous applications” at TIPC on September 20, 2019.  

In his report, Dr. Chinomso M. Ewulonu introduced the wide application of lignocellulose nanomaterials as future cellulose nanomaterials. He compared LCNF with traditional CNF from the experimental performance, and introduced the application of LCNFs nanopaper.  

Before the seminar, Prof. WANG Xuesong, deputy director of TIPC, presented CAS-PIFI award certificate to Dr. Chinomso M.Ewulonu and recognized the work of Dr. Chinomso M Ewulonu in the past two years. Dr. Chinomso M. Ewulonu is an international postdoctoral researcher from Nigeria and now working in the research group of Prof. WU Min in the functional polymer materials research center. It is the second time he received PIFI certificate.