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Int'l Cooperation News

Prof. Valentin Petrov from Max Bonn Research Institute Visited TIPC

Update time:2019-11-28

Invited by the CAS Key Laboratory of Functional Crystals and Laser Technology and the TIPC Youth Forum, Prof. Valentin Petrov from the Max Bonn Institute of Nonlinear Optics and Ultra-fast Spectroscopy (MBI) gave an academic lecture entitled “Progress in the characterization and some applications of the quaternary nonlinear crystal BaGa2GeSe6” at TIPC on November 25, 2019.  

Prof. Valentin Petrov outlined the advantages of BaGa2GeSe6 crystals over commercial AgGaSe2 crystals. The similarities and differences between BaGa2GeSe6 and BaGa4Se7 were compared. The application of BaGa2GeSe6 in laser output was introduced with some examples. After the presentation, Prof. Valentin Petrov answered questions and offered his own insights. 

Valentin Petrov, a professor at the office Max Bonn Germany Berlin institute of nonlinear optics and ultrafast spectroscopy, whose research direction includes ultrashort optical pulse, laser physics, nonlinear and optical materials, physical and chemical research institute (RIKEN), won a Japan JRDC SAT research fund, was a visiting professor at the university of Joseph Fourier in Grenoble, France in 2014, and has published over 530 papers and more than 600 conference report. Prof. Valentin Petrov is a member of the American optical society and has served on committees of several major international conferences. He is also the feature editor of Optics Letters.