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Int'l Cooperation News

Delegation of Hailesilasie Weres from Ethiopia Meat and Dairy Industry Development Institute visited TIPC and the 2019 Annual Meeting of TIPC-EMDIDI Joint Laboratory was held in Beijing

Update time:2019-12-31

Prof. Hailesilasie Weres, Director General of EMDIDI, and the delegation visited TIPC from December 18, 2019 to December 23, 2019. The visit was in order to promote the implementation of the “Belt and Road” project “Investigation and Analysis of Bone and Skin of Ethiopian Cattle and Sheep, and Enzymatic Gelatin Demonstration”, which is supported by BIC of CAS. During the visit, TIPC conducted gelatin training including lectures and experimental demonstrations related to history of gelatin, the properties of gelatin, gelatin application, production technology, testing methods, and product standards. 

The 2019 Annual Meeting of Sino-Ethio Green Biomanufacture Joint Laboratory was held at TIPC on December 23, 2019. Dr. JIANG Yiqi, Chief of Division of Asia and Africa Affairs, BIC of CAS has joined the meeting as special invited guest.  

Prof. WANG Xuesong, deputy director of TIPC, firstly expressed warmly welcome to Director Hailesilasie Weres’s delegation. He appreciated to the efforts and substantial progresses made by both EMDIDI and TIPC in the past year. Prof. Wang hoped the visit would strengthen the further cooperation between the two institutes and could achieve great results. Director Hailesilasie Weres then introduced to the EMDIDI, the current agricultural policy and animal husbandry development in Ethiopia. He also expressed EMDIDI’s strong interest in gelatin research and cooperation in the field of gelatin application in different aspects. Dr. ZHANG Yang, Chief of Division of Technology and Science of TIPC, gave a comprehensive introduction to TIPC. Prof. GUO Yanchuan, deputy dean of Biomaterial and Applied Technology Research Center of TIPC, described the development of the gelatin research group and the current research works. On behalf of the “Belt and Road” project team, Dr. ZHANG Bing reported the work of joint lab in 2019. Dr. ZHANG also mentioned the Joint Laboratory will start to build a database of physical and chemical properties of bone resources in different regions of Ethiopia, and jointly develop enzymatic gelatin industrial projects with enterprises in 2020. Dr. JIANG Yiqi made a conclusion and pointed out that there was a profound traditional China - Ethiopia friendship. He hoped EMDIDI and TIPC could work step by step, and made solid achievements in this project. It would be highly recommended if more achievements under subject project would be transferred into economic benefits. And that would be great for both Ethiopia and China. Besides, Dr. JIANG expressed there would be more technology exchanging and student training for Ethiopia and other African countries under the framework of the CAS’s international cooperation.  

The meeting was hosted by Prof. GUO Yanchuan. Staffs from the joint lab, and officers from division of Asia and Africa Affairs of BIC participated the meeting. 


Director Hailesilasie Weres introduced EMDIDI and livestock industry of Ethiopia(Photographed by Gelatin Team)


Dr. JIANG Yiqi made conclusion to the meeting (Photographed by Gelatin Team)


Group Picture (Photographed by Gelatin Team)


Training (Photographed by Gelatin Team)