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Int'l Cooperation News

Prof. Nishimura Arata From National Institute for Fusion Science Visited TIPC

Update time:2020-11-17

Invited by TIPC, CAS-PIFI certified visiting researcher Prof. Nishimura visited TIPC and gave an academic report titled “Activity Start at TIPC for 2nd Year and Hydrogen Society Project in Japan” on 6th November, 2020. It is the first international visiting in 2020 because of the influence of COVID-19.   


In his report, Prof. Nishimura firstly gave a brief introduction about his work in last PIFI project.  In addition, he also gave an academic presentation about the development situation of the hydrogen energy in Japan in four aspects: the production, storage, transportation and application of hydrogen energy.  He emphasized the hydrogen energy will have bright future, there are still lots of existing problems need to be fixed yet.  After the report, students and faculties from TIPC discussed with Prof. Nishimura. 


Before the seminar, Prof. WANG Xuesong, the deputy director of TIPC, presented PIFI contract to Prof. Nishimura and acknowledged his work in the last PIFI project.  Prof. Nishimura is an international visiting scientist from Japan and now working with Prof. LI Laifeng’s research group in the Cryogenic Materials and Superconductor Application research center. This is his second year working as PIFI visiting scientist and will conduct several academic seminars during his visit.