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Int'l Cooperation News

6.45 Micron Mid-infrared Medical Laser Technology Seminar Conducted by TIPC

Update time:2021-09-28

Ultrafast High Energy Laser Research Group of the Technical Institute of Physics and Chemistry (TIPC) has conducted a seminar entitled "Low Collateral Damage 6.45 Micron Mid-infrared Medical Laser Technology in the Biological Effects" on 21st July online. 


Prof. Glenn Edwards from Duke University, Department of Physics, has invited as guest speaker and attended the seminar. He was specialized in biological physics, spectroscopic and microscopic techniques, and the applications of Free Electron Lasers. And Prof. Glenn Edwards has published papers on mid-infrared laser ablation in the 6 micron as the first author,  


During the seminar, TIPC research group introduced their proposed technical parameters of the 6.45 micron mid-infrared laser. The average power of the 6.45 micron band mid-infrared laser proposed by TIPC is currently advanced in the research area. The long-term operation stability of power is less than 5%. Initial exploration of ablation of isolated biological tissues has been carried out. Ablation effect is indicated available basing on experiment.  


Prof. Glenn Edwards commented to TIPC’s work and suggested the prototype could be used as a basis for further collaborative research. He also discussed how to carry out further biological effect research in details with TIPC group.  


Prof. PAN Longsheng, Chief Physician of Neurosurgery, from Chinese PLA General Hospital participated the seminar.

Prof. Glenn Edwards was discussing with audience