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HONG Chaosheng

Update time:2018-12-20


HONG Chaosheng


1940 B.S. in Enginnering, Tsinghua University (Southwest United University) 1948 Ph.D. in Physics, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

1950 Postdoctor in Physics, Purdue University  

Professional Experience: 

1941 Assistant Professor, Southwest United University
1950 Research Assistant, Leiden University

1951 Associate Professor, Institute of Physic 

1952 Part-time Professor, Tsinghua University & Peking University 

1953 Established the first Cryophysics Lab in China 

1954 Professor, Institute of Physic 

1958 Part-time Professor, University of Science and Technology of China 

1978 Deputy Director, Institute of Physic 

1980 Academician, Chinese Academy of Sciences 

Honors and Awards: 

1989  1st Huguangfu Award
2000  Mendelson Award
2011  Samuel Collins Prize

Research Interests
Cryogenic Physics, Superconducting Materials, Superfluid Helium. Discovered exception of the
Hall Effect in 1950. Proposed the new concept that impurities available in the forbidden band of semiconductors contribute to electrical conductivity. Observed the 4He λ Transition Point Temperature.

Selected Recent Publications

Hung C S, Gliessman J R. 1950. The resistivity and hall effect of germanium at low temper peratures.
 Phys Rev (Lett), 79: 726. 

Hung C S. 1950. Theory of resistivity and hall Effect at very low temperatures. Phys Rev (Lett), 79: 727.  

 Hung C S, Johnson V A. 1950. Resistivity of semiconductors containing both acceptors and donors,Phys Rev ( Lett), 79: 535 

 Hung C S. 1950. Thermionic emission from oxide cathodes: retarding and accelerating fields. J Appl Phys, 21(1): 37. 

 Hung C S, Baum R M. 1952. Activation energy of heat treatment introduced lattice defects in germanium. Phys Rev, 88(1): 134. 

 Hung C S, Hunt B, Winkel P. 1952. Transport phenomena of liquid helium II in narrow slits. Physica, 18 (8/9): 629. 

 Hung C S, Gliessman J R. 1954. Resistivity and hall effect of germanium at low temperatures. Phys Rev, 96: 1226. 

 Hung C S1980. Cryogenics in China. Prpc. of ICEC 8, edited by C. Rizzuto, Plenary talk, 881 

 Hong C S, Lin P, Mao Y Z, Yue Y, Zhang Q G, 1990. Study of the realization of 4He λ Transition Point Temperature by Means of a Small Sealed Cell, Proc. of ICEC13, 432 

 Song N H, Hong C S, Mao Y Z, Lin P, Zhang Q G, Zhang L. 1991.Realization of the Lambda Transition Temperature of Liquid 4He, Cryogenics, 31:87 

 Hong C S, Xu X D. 1993. On the Unique Features of the Low Temperature Regenerator in a 4.2k G-M Refrigerator, Proc. of 4th Joint Sino-Japanese Seminar on Cryocoolers and Concerned Topics, Oct. 19-23, 1993, Beijing, China, 6 

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