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LIU Jing

Update time:2018-12-25

Name:   LIU Jing
E-mail:  jliu@mail.ipc.ac.cn

LIU Jing, male, born in April 1969. Since July 1999, he has served as researcher, double-employed researcher and director of Beijing Key Laboratory of Cryogenic Biomedical Engineering of Technical Institute of Physics and Chemistry of Chinese Academy of Sciences; professor of Biomedical Engineering at School of Medicine Tsinghua University in August 2008. Liu got his B. Eng. in Gas Turbine and B. Eng. in Modern Applied Physics (July 1992) and Ph. D. degree in Thermophysics (February 1996) from Tsinghua University and graduated from Senior Manager Selected Courses in Business Administration School of Economics and Management (2003.04 - 2005.05) in Tsinghua University. He used to be a teaching assistant and lecturer in Department of Thermal Engineering of Tsinghua University and work as Postdoc at Purdue University and senior visiting scholar at MIT. He got National Outstanding Youth Science Foundation in 2003 and won the China Youth Science and Technology Award, Mao Yisheng Science and Technology Award - Beijing Youth Science and Technology Award, the only best paper award of Journal of Electronic Packaging, American Society of Mechanical Engineers of the year, etc.
LIU has published 9 original interdisciplinary frontier books, of which all have important influences, one of which has been printed 5 times (including traditional Chinese characters); 15 invited articles, more than 300 journal papers and more than 80 papers in international conferences have been published. He has also applied for more than 100 invention patents (more than 60 authorized).

Research Fields:
1. Chip cooling and enhanced heat transfer technology
2. Biological heat and mass transfer (cryogenic biomedicine, tumor hyperthermia physics)
3. Micro/nanoscale heat transfer and fluid technology
4. Room temperature fluid metal printing electronics
5. Advanced energy capture and power generation technology
6. Biomedical technology and instruments

Representative Work:
Pioneering work has been done in the forefront of engineering thermophysics and biomedical engineering. The former, around the world-class problem of high-end chips seriously subject to the "thermal barrier", Liu breakthroughs to propose a major original innovative room temperature liquid metal thermal management method, and promote the formation and development of the theory and technology system in this field. The development of a new range of room temperature liquid metal printed electronics is expected to change the rules of traditional electronics and integrated circuit manufacturing. In the field of bio-heat transfer, he has carried out long-term systematic and in-depth innovation research and academic promotion, made important contributions to the establishment of a relatively complete academic system from low temperature to high temperature biomedical engineering, and proposed nano cryotherapy, alkali metal thermochemistry, ablation method and other orientations. In the field of general health technology, he proposed to completely deploy low-cost medical strategies from the national level, published the world’s first low-cost medical and mobile biomedical engineering frontier works and built a corresponding academic system, which is really impactful. In the promotion of major practical technologies, he has developed a variety of leading equipments. CPU liquid metal radiators have been produced into serialized products; high-end hot and cold knife medical equipment for cancer treatment as a large-scale industrialization project is transferred to enterprise; series wireless mobile medical products are validated by SFDA, etc.

Awards and Honors:
1. Excellent Supervisor or Teacher Prize of CAS for 5 times.
2. The only best paper award of Journal of Electronic Packaging, ASME (2010 – 2011)
3. First Class Prize of Beijing Technology Market Golden Bridge Awards Project (2011)
4. China International Industry Expo Innovation Award (2008)
5. Mao Yisheng Science and Technology Award – Beijing Youth Science and Technology Award (2008)
6. National Youth Science and Technology Award (2007)
7. Best Poster Award of 22nd International Congress of Refrigeration (2007)
8. National Outstanding Youth Science Foundation (2003)
9. Double-hired Professor of Tsinghua University (2005)

Cultivated Students:
LIU has cultivated 46 master and doctoral students and 24 undergraduate graduation thesis, among which 19 have won the CAS-level and Tsinghua University-level scholarships, national scholarship and competition awards. Five students have been selected as national outstanding doctoral thesis nominations, and CAS outstanding doctoral thesis award or nomination; 4 of the graduate students became professors or researchers.

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