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Update time:2018-12-25

Name:    RAO Wei

E-mail:   weirao@mail.ipc.ac.cn 

2006/5 – 2009/7 Ph. D., Technical Institute of Physics and Chemistry, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Majoring in Refrigeration and Cryogenic Engineering, Thesis: Study on Alkali Metal Based Tumor Minimally Invasive Ablation Therapy
2003/9 – 2006/1 Master, Harbin Institute of Technology, Majoring in Heating, Gas Supply, Ventilation and Refrigeration Engineering, Thesis: Numerical Analysis of Variable-Pitch Heat Exchanger in Air Source Heat Pump Application
1999/9 – 2003/7 Bachelor, Harbin Institute of Technology, Majoring in Building Environment and Equipment Engineering
2011/11 – Now Post-doctoral Researcher, Department of Biomedical Engineering, Ohio University
2010/7 – 2011/9 Research Scientist, Medical Chemistry, Virginia Commonwealth University
2009/7 – 2010/4 Assistant Professor, Laboratory of Cryogenic Biomedicine, Technical Institute of Physics and Chemistry, Chinese Academy of Sciences

Research Fields:
1. Tumor stem cell targeted cryoablation
2. Tumor combination therapy with temperature-sensitive nano drug controlled release system combined with hyperthermia
3. Nanotechnology-based stem cell cryopreservation
4. Stem cell biomimetic system

Awards and Honors:
2009 Excellent Student, TIPC
2008 TIPC Director Scholarship (Twice)
2007/2008 Excellent Graduate Student, TIPC
2002 Special Scholarship of China Shipping Company, ranking 1st annually (GPA: 3.97, 1/256)
2000 – 2003 First Class Scholarship of Harbin Institute of Technology (Three times, 5%)

1. Huang H., Choi, J.K., Rao, W., Zhao, S., Agarwal, P., Zhao G. and He X. Alginate hydrogel microencapsulation inhibits devitrification and enables large-volume low-CPA cell vitrification. Advanced Functional Materials. 2015, 25(44): 6839-6850. (IF: 11.805)
2. Rao, W., Huang, H., Wang, H., Zhao, S., Dumbleton, J., Zhao, G., and He, X. Nanoparticle-mediated intracellular delivery enables cryopreservation of human adipose-derived stem cells using trehalose as the sole cryoprotectant. ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces. 2015, 7(8): 5017–5028. (IF: 6.723)
3. Rao, W.*, Wang, H.*, Han, J., Zhao, S., Dumbleton, J., Agarwal, P., Zhang, W., Zhao, G., Yu, J., Zynger, D.L., Lu, X., and He, X. Chitosan-decorated doxorubicin-encapsulated nanoparticle targets and eliminates tumor reinitiating cancer stem-like cells. ACS Nano. 2015; 9(6):5725-5740. (*equal contribution) (IF: 12.881)
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5. Zhao, S., Agarwal, P., Rao, W., Huang, H., Zhang, R., Liu, Z., Yu, J., Weisleder, N., Zhang, W., and He, X. Coaxial electrospray of liquid core-hydrogel shell microcapsules for encapsulation and miniaturized 3D culture of pluripotent stem cells. Integrative Biology. 2014,6(9): 874-884. (IF: 3.765)
6. Rao, W.*, Zhao, S.*, Yu, J., Lu, X., Zynger, D.L., and He, X. Enhanced enrichment of prostate cancer stem-like cells with miniaturized 3D culture in liquid core-hydrogel shell microcapsules. Biomaterials. 2014, 35(27): 7762-7773. (*: Equal contribution) (IF: 8.557)
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10. He X., Rao W., and Wang H. Book Chapter: “Polymeric Nanoparticles for Cryobiological Applications” edited by Xiaoming He and John C Bischof, in book Multiscale Technologies for Cryomedicine, World Scientific Publishing Co. 2015.

1. He X., Rao, W. Method for encapsulation of hydrophilic molecules using nanoparticles. Tech ID #T2015-130. (Accepted for Assessment). Application date: 2014.12.17
2. He X., Rao, W. Chitosan decorated on nanoparticles for targeted drug delivery to cancer stem-like cells. Tech ID #T2015-115. (Accepted for Assessment). Application date: 2014.12.04
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