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LUO Ercang

Update time:2018-12-25

Name:   LUO Ercang
E-mail:  ecluo@mail.ipc.ac.cn

LUO Ercang, male, born in June 1967, researcher and doctoral supervisor of Technical Institute of Physics and Chemistry, Chinese Academy of Sciences, was awarded as Youth Technology Award, China Association of Refrigeration, National Outstanding Youth Foundation, national candidate of New Century Talent Project, State Council special government allowance. In 1990, Luo graduated from the Department of Energy and Power Engineering, Tsinghua University with a Bachelor degree in HVAC and air conditioning engineering. In 1993, he graduated from the Cryogenic Center of Chinese Academy of Sciences with a Master degree. In 1997, he graduated from the Chinese Academy of Sciences and Huazhong University of Science and Technology with a joint Ph.D. degree in refrigeration and cryogenic engineering. LUO worked as a visiting scholar at Institute of Cryogenic Physics and Technology of Ukrainian Academy of Sciences in 1995; a visiting scholar at Victoria University of Canada in 1999 and a visiting professor at the National Institute of Standards and Technology of the United States in 2012. LUO has won many national, provincial and ministerial awards such as the Second Class Award of the State Technological Invention Award and the Hu Gangfu Experimental Physics Award of the Chinese Physical Society. LUO published more than 300 papers, of which nearly 200 are recorded by SCI, EI and ISTP, applied more than 70 patents. Among the trained doctoral students, many have won international excellent paper awards, and CAS President Award.

Research Fields:
1. Research on thermoacoustic engine/refrigerator technology and its application
2. Research on mixed working medium throttle refrigeration technology and its application
3. Research on solid refrigeration technology

Awards and Honors:
1996: CAS President Excellent Award (Doctoral)
1998: Second Prize of Invention, CAS
2001: Student got Outstanding Student Paper Award, American Cryogenic Engineering Conference
2003: Second Class Prize of Science and Technology Progress Award, Anhui Province
2005: Student got Outstanding Student Paper Award, American Cryogenic Engineering Conference
2005: National Invention Patent Excellence Award
2006: Youth Science and Technology Award, China Association of Refrigeration
2007: Hu Gangfu Experimental Physics Award, Chinese Physical Society
2007: Selected as Millions of Leading Engineering Talents
2008: First Class Prize of Science and Technology Progress Award, China Association of Refrigeration
2009: Winner of State Council special government allowance
2010: China International Industry Expo Innovation Award

1. Ercang Luo, Wei Dai, Yong Zhang, and Hong Ling. Thermoacoustically refrigerator with double thermoacoustic-Stirling cycles. Applied Physics Letters, 2006, 88:07102.
2. Dai Wei, Luo Ercang, Hu Jianying, Ling Hong. The first heat-driven thermoacoustic refrigerator capable of achieving below liquid nitrogen temperature. Applied Physics Letters, 2005, 86:224103.
3. Luo Ercang, Ling Hong, Dai Wei and Zhang Yong. A high pressure-ratio, energy-focused thermoacoustic heat engine with a tapered resonator. Chinese Science Bulletin, 2005, 50(3):284-286.
4. Luo Ercang, Huang Yun, Dai Wei, Zhang Yong, Wu Zhanghua. A high-performance thermoacoustic refrigerator operating in room-temperature range. Chinese Science Bulletin, 2005, 50(22):2662-2664.
5. E. C. Luo, M. Q. Gong, Zhou Y. and J. F. Wu, Properties of gas mixtures and their use in mixed-refrigerant throttle or Joule-Thomson refrigerators (Invited keynote paper, 2003 CEC/ICMC,USA)
6. Latest Cryogenic Refrigeration Technology (Second Edition), China Machine Press, 2002 (co-author)
7. Thermoacoustics: A Unifying Perspective for Some Engines and Refrigerators, G. W. Swift (translated by Luo Ercang), 2001