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WU Min

Update time:2018-12-25

Name:  WU Min
Email:  wumin@mail.ipc.ac.cn

2002/3, Ph. D, Nagoya University, Material Engineering;
2002/4 - 2003/12, Postdoc, Japan National Industrial Technology Research Institute Shikoku Center;
2004/1 - 2004/7, Postdoc, The University of Tokyo;
2004/8 - 2006/7, Postdoc, The University of Tokyo, Special Researcher of Japan Society for the Promotion of Science;
2007/1 - 2009/5, associate researcher, Institute of Chemistry, CAS ;
2009/6 - now, associate researcher, researcher, doctoral supervisor in Technical Institute of Physics And Chemistry, CAS.

Research Field:
1. Environmentally friendly cellulose based functional materials;
2. Preparation and functionalization of nanocellulose;
3. Inorganic/polymer nanocomposite advanced materials.

1)Xiaobo Lin, Fengqi Wang, Shigenori Kuga, Takashi Endo, Min Wu*, Dayong Wu*,
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2) Pei Huang, Min Wu*, Shigenori Kuga*,Yong Huang*, Aqueous pretreatment for reactive ball milling of cellulose, Cellulose, 2013, 20, 2175-2178.
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6) Ye Tian, Min Wu*, Ruigang Liu, Deqian Wang, Xiaobo Lin, Weili Liu, Lin Ma, Yanding Li, Yong Huang*, “Modified native cellulose fibers—A novel efficient adsorbent for both fluoride and arsenic”, Journal of Hazardous Materials, 2011, 185, 93-100.
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