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BO Yong

Update time:2018-12-26

Name:   BO Yong
E-mail:  boyong@tsinghua.org.cn

BO Yong, researcher and doctoral supervisor. In 1996, 1999, and 2003, Bo got his B. Eng., M. Sc., and Ph. D. degree from Tsinghua University respectively. Later, he went to the research group of Academician Xu Zuyan of Institute of Physics of Chinese Academy of Sciences as a postdoc. After leaving the postdoctoral station in April 2006, Bo worked at the IoP as associate researcher and transferred to the Technical Institute of Physics and Chemistry of Chinese Academy of Sciences in April 2008 as associate researcher and in August 2011 researcher. Bo is mainly engaged in high-power all-solid-state laser and its frequency conversion technology research, has undertaken a number of scientific research projects (including 863 projects, Chinese Academy of Sciences directional projects, NSFC projects, etc.), and has achieved a number of domestic leading / international advanced research results, such as 10,000 W level solid-state lasers, 100 W level green lasers, and 50 W sodium beacon lasers and have published more than 90 papers.

Research Fields:
1. Research on high-power all-solid-state laser technology: based on laser physics and technology, through the study of pump coupling technology, thermal management technology, beam quality control technology, etc., to achieve high average power and high beam quality of all solid-state laser output.
2. Research on high-power all-solid-state laser frequency conversion technology: based on laser physics and nonlinear optical technology, through research on beam quality control technology, polarization control technology, high-efficiency harmonic generation technology, etc., realize high-average power and high beam quality frequency conversion all-solid-state laser output.

We need student majoring in optics/ photoelectric/ physics.
Research on high-power all-solid-state laser and its frequency conversion technology

Awards and Honors:
Advanced Individual of 863 “Eleventh Five-Year” Scientific Research in July 2011

1. Yong Bo, Chaoyang Li, Huiya Chen, Yuanbin Wang, Qingjun Peng, Dafu Cui, Zuyan XU, Baiyu, Pan, High power diode-pumped solid-state ceramic laser, The 7th Laser Ceramics Symposium, 2011, Singapore, (Invited paper).
2. S. Xie , Yong Bo, J. Xu, Y. Shen, P. Wang, Z. Wang, F. Yang, Q. Peng, D. Cui, J. Zhang, Z. Xu, A 7.5W quasi-continuous-wave sodium D2 laser generated from single-pass sum-frequency generation in LBO crystal, Appl Phys B 102: 781-787, 2011.
3. Bo Yong,Xie Shiyong, Wang Zhichao, Shen Yu, Xu Jialin, Cui Dafu, Peng Qinjun, Xu Zuyan, 589nm high power sum frenquency generation with quasi continuous wave diode pumped Nd:YAG lasers, IEEE Conference, Advanced Optoelectronics & Laser (CAOL), 2010, Sevstopol, Ukraine, (Invited paper).
4. Bo Yong, Geng Aicong, Bi Yong, Sun Zhipei, Yang Xiaodong, Peng Qinjun, Li Huiqing, Li Ruining, Cui Dafu, Xu Zuyan, High-beam-quality 120 W green beam generation by intracavity-frequency-doubled diode-pumped Nd:YAG laser, Applied Optics, 45(11), 2006.
5. Z. Wang, Yong Bo, S. Xie, C. Li, Y. Xu, F. Yang, J. Xu, Q. Peng, J. Zhang, D. Cui, Z. Xu, High-power diode side-pumped Nd:YAG laser on the low gain three lines near 1.1 mm, Appl Phys B 4431, 2011.