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ZHANG Guocun

Update time:2018-12-26

Name:   ZHANG Guocun
E-mail:  gczhang@mail.ipc.ac.cn

ZHANG Guochun, male, born in January 1964. He graduated from Department of Chemistry, University of Science and Technology of China in October 2001 with Ph. D. degree. He is currently researcher and doctoral supervisor of the Technical Institute of Physics and Chemistry of Chinese Academy of Sciences. Zhang is mainly engaged in the research of new nonlinear optical materials, structure and performance relationship, large-scale high-quality crystal growth, crystal device design and application. He has made breakthroughs in the crystal growth key technologies of CsB3O5 (CBO), β-BaB2O4 (BBO), Nd: YVO4 and other important functional crystals, has discovered a variety of new nonlinear optical crystals with excellent properties such as Na3La9O3(BO3)8. He has published nearly one hundred papers, and obtained one US invention patent and more than 10 Chinese invention patents.

Research Fields:
1. Exploration of new UV nonlinear optical materials, including compound structure selection, synthesis and phase analysis, crystal growth and relationship between structure and properties;
2. Performance characterization, device design and application prospect evaluation of functional crystals such as electro-optical;
3. New nonlinear optical material exploration, crystal growth and performance based on Terahertz (THz) applications
4. Key technologies for large-scale, high-quality important functional crystal growth

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