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Update time:2018-12-26

Name:   ZHAO Sui
E-mail:  zhaosui@mail.ipc.ac.cn

ZHAO Sui, born in August 1964, got his B. Sc. degree in Chemistry from Peking University in 1985 and M. Sc. degree in Institute of Photographic Chemistry of Chinese Academy of Sciences in 1988. Zhao is currently researcher, doctoral supervisor and the “Third Oil Production Technology Research Group” of Technical Institute of Physics and Chemistry.

Research Fields:
With the aim of greatly improving oil recovery, Zhao is mainly focusing on new oil displacement agents and related oil displacement mechanisms. The main research fields are: (1) molecular design and synthesis of new oil displacing agents; (2) design and mechanism research of new composite synergistic oil displacement system (3) interaction of oil displacement system with reservoir physical and chemical environment

Awards and Honors:
Special Government Allowance, 1 Second Class sand 1 Third Class Ministry-level Prize

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